Q.: Why do we need another computer chess forum?
A.: Actually, this is not another computer chess forum, this is my lab where I will post the results of my tests. I have no time and opportunity to maintain a full computer chess forum. If you need one, you can look at http://immortalchess.net

Q.: This design is horrible!
A.: It could be. Feel free to go to your profile and select the one that you like. If the result exceeded all expectations, the current design is called Mybb Ocean zero.

Q.: How much do you earn on advertising?
A.: Not a penny. This is a banner from mybb host, it is the cost of free of charge forum. I can't affect what you see.

Q.: I am absolutely have no interest in your tests. Can we discuss puppies?
A.: I'm not competent in puppies, however, feel free to discuss it in the "Chatter box".

Q.: Your English is terrible!
A.: Yes it is. So I apologize to all English-speaking visitors on the forum.